I seem to have a severe case Somethin bout you Makes me feel this way I don’t know what it is Erik-itis That’s what it is Or at least, that’s what I’ll call it It’s a state of infatuation some people are crazy enough to call love  Some people like you and me I love […]


Can we talk for a minute about appearance? I love how I look now. There was a time though that I hated how I looked. I hated it. #LongHairDontCare        Luckily, all my hair, and then some, has grown back. I don’t know how I look to other people, but I think I […]

Vance 9/18/17

Dear Vance~ Me and Erik went to see you today. I totally cried. I think you would have liked him. You guys have something in common. Idk why I seem to attract all the guys that like to smoke weed but I guess I do. I guess there’s just something about me that thinks I […]


I’m supposed to write a poem about breakfast But what rhymes with breakfast? I could just end all my lines with breakfast Cause nothing rhymes with breakfast Do you know that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day? “Why?” you ask Because I have all sorts of delicious possibilities I could make eggs and […]

Stolen Poetry (take 2)

When you smile with your heart Things seem to start Doesn’t that seem better Like being all warm in a sweater On a very blustery day What am I writing about, anyway That’s a very good question. You’d think I’m just trying to get attention But you’d be mistaken I’m really just trying to make […]

Stolen Poetry

Another day, another dent in the heart. How true is that? Another day, another dent in the heart. Maybe I only think that’s true because I love extremely easily. Another day, another dent in the heart. I don’t know. Another day, another dent in the heart. My heart gets broken every day. Another day, another […]