Head and shoulders


That was Head and Shoulders slogan.

I don’t know if it still is

But it was.

And it’s so true

Hopefully you find this a bitchin blog thing

Hopefully I just grab your attention

Here I go.

Today I’m watching football practice

Which I started doing when school started

Did you know had I not been in my accident, I probably would have been the varsity kicker my senior year

At least, that’s what the football coach told me before my accident

Damn accident.

Ruined so many opportunities for me

Like taking the ACT so I could get into a decent college

Why did Jake’s funeral have to be the day that Travis was speeding down that road?

Why did I have to be speeding?

Why did I have to be out of gas?

Why did I have to not give a flying f*** about traffic laws?

Why was I so stubborn?

I could go all day with these why questions

But is it gonna do me any good?

Is it going to change what happened?

No, it’s not.

So why, four+ years later, am I still whining about it?

I don’t know

Maybe because I hate the life situation I’m in

In case you were wondering,

Not being able to drive SUCKS

I hate it

I hate being dependent on other people for rides places

If I could change it, I would in a heartbeat

Probably even quicker than a heartbeat

Like halfway through a heartbeat

But enough about my accident

Let’s talk about something happy

Like boys in football pants

So fine.

If I could watch football all day, I wouldn’t be upset. At all.

Yes, I might be a little obsessed.

And then there’s Nels. With his socks.

I love it❤️

He’s the best.

Love ya Nels😍


I’m listening to some Marc E. Bassy and deciding I’m in love

Did you know that his real name is Marc Griffin?

We’re friends on Facebook

Before he was doing his own thing, he was in a band


They were really good

They’re one of my favorites

They’re song Let Me Down Easy

Is my favorite

You should look it up

It’s my absolute favorite song

Even more so than Radical Something’s song Radio

Which they YouTubed for me when I was in my accident

Radio for Kirsten

They are amazing

K maybe 2AM CLUB’s song isn’t my absolute favorite

It’s a close second tho

What’s your favorite song?

I’m out✌️


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