How to be Alone 2

I know I’m doing these out of order, with my own post ideas thrown into the mix, but that’s just how I do. Don’t judge me. It’s not like I’m going to care if you do anyways. Do you not like to be alone? If your answer is yes, you need to be more comfortable with yourself and who you are. You’re the only “you” the world has and although you may share similarities with your best friend or that weird kid in your math class, no one else thinks like you do. People don’t always share your thought and feelings about certain things. Even if you’re a sibling or a twin. The only things you share are parents or faces. Certain genes, like your hair and eye color. But you’re the only you. Learn to be comfortable with yourself, because guess what? You’re stuck with you for the rest of your life. I get that this is a scary concept for some people, but if you’re one of those people, you should get over yourself and man up. Don’t misunderstand, I don’t say any of this to be rude, but the world needs more confident people. I hate when I’m walking down the hall and I see someone else and I greet them, “Hey, how are you?” and they just glance at me but don’t say anything. And they don’t even have headphones in so they have no excuse. Drives me crazy. I’m comfortable enough with myself that I just shake it off and hope that they feel awkward the rest of the day for not saying something. I know that’s rude but so is not responding to my heartfelt greeting. In the video How to be Alone, one of the first things Andrea talks about is places where it’s acceptable to be alone. Like the library, the coffee shop, the bathroom. And if you’re ever at the gym alone, hang out with yourself in the mirror and to put headphones in; I know this may seem awkward to you if you don’t like to be by yourself, but we all gotta start somewhere. Read the paper or just people watch. Make it look like you’re reading the paper while you people watch. She also says to take yourself dancing or out to dinner. If you don’t like to be alone, these things might seem awkward to you, but odds are that other people are too caught up in what they look like or how they feel about being at the loud, obnoxious table that they don’t even notice that you’re sitting there alone. It’s the same with dancing. You just need to not care; you’re most likely never going to see any of them again anyways. See, I’m comfortable with myself to the point where I sometimes crave being alone. I’ve always been like that, but after months alone in the hospital, it was only heightened. Now don’t be mistaken, I wasn’t alone all the time, sometimes my dad would come spend the night with me; me in my Posey


and him on the extra bed. But eventually, I was graduated from Posey and moved to the bed. I was hardly ever alone while I was in my coma, or so I’m told, but even after I woke up, I wasn’t cognitive to even realize people were there. I probably wouldn’t even remember, I was on such a heavy amount of drugs. The I heart NY guy is my brother in law’s brother, Cody. Chaddy wasn’t Miss Jacque’s husband yet tho. They lived down the street from us, when we lived in Highland, and Cody wrote this story, and it is so funny. Good Morning Kiddens. So that’s Kiddens haha he is thee best homosapien ever. I love him so much. I would marry him, if I could. Love ya babe♥


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