Switch 6

I read the prompt for this “Trying on Hats” post and Nels kept on saying “SWITCH” and all I could think of was Will Smith’s song Switch that was on one of my NOW CDs when I was like ten and that was really how I got my interest/taste in music. I don’t really listen to much Will Smith these days but he’s to thank. I can’t remember if that was a hot song or not but I think it must have been, otherwise it wouldn’t have been on the NOW CD. Anyways, I’m gonna try to do what this prompt said to do, even though I don’t totally get it. Fake it ’til you make it, or something like that. All I know is I look gooood right now and if I’m going to waste it sitting at home, imma be PISSED af. All I know is I really want to go to the Peak’s football game that’s at PG and that is not within walking distance🙄 


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