Prove you’re human.But aren’t we all animals? ‘We ain’t nothin but mammals.’ Why are we questioning my humanity, when really, we should be questioning yours. I know we live in the new world, the interweb era, but instead of asking me to prove myself, write a Kirsten for Dummies book, maybe we we should have the computer should write a Technology for Those Who Want Nothing To Do With It book. My dad would probably appreciate that one. Although I have a lot of metal plates and rods that hold me together, I promise you that I am human. The hardware came later. Anyways, allow me to explain to you how I know I’m a living, breathing human being: I know I’m human because when I put my right hand over my heart, there’s this crazy little ba-bump, ba-bump thing going on. Using my deductive abilities, I figure that’s my heart❤️❤️❤️ I know I’m human because I have emotions. Crazy, right? And not only do I have, cringe, emotions, but I have emotions that are on a freaking never ending roller coaster. I liked you yesterday but now it’s today and I have to wash my hair. I know I’m human because I’m out of my mind and computers are very cookie cutter; nothing sets them apart. Things are different with me though, no one else could pull off being me. Not even the best actor on the planet. If we’re being real for a sec, I couldn’t even pretend to be me. I’m crazy and spontaneous and kind of just out there. No one knows what my next move will be, me included. I know I’m human because I change my mind constantly. At this point, there’s only one decision I’ve made recently that I’ve never questioned the rightness of and that was buying tickets for me and my best friend to go see my man, Luke Bryan, the day after my birthday. It might have been a very impulsive decision but now I get to go see my fantasy lover with my not-so-fantasy lover. Best $250 I’ve ever spent. Hit me up if you’re still questioning my humanity✌️️


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