Yesterday was the fundraiser for the Lone Peak baseball team. I helped out with a few things but for the most part I was just there haha they golfed at Fox Hollow to raise money for the baseball team, which seems a little ack basswords to me, but who am I to judge how they raise their money? We raised like 3500 dollars and I’m not sure how much that’s going to help, but it should help quite a bit. That’s $3500 I wish I had. It would help me pay for therapy and my copay for my meds. I’m getting social security disability, which is good money, but they’re all over my bank account and they only let me keep $2,000 in my bank account, which is NOT enough to live off of. I’ve loaned quite a bit of money to my dad and sister, Emma. I loaned $170 to my dad and he’s pretty good about paying me back, but I loaned Emma $550 at the end of July, to save her car from getting repoed and she didn’t even use it to pay her car payment and then my dad told me that I basically just gave her the money and to not expect it back. She told me she would make payments every week, and she hasn’t paid me any money yet. I’m charging her interest to motivate her to pay me back soon. We’re up to $605 now. If anything, this is making me not want to loan her money anymore. Anyways, this is probably way too much information that you guys don’t need to know but I just want her to freaking pay me back like by the end of the month. If you’re reading this Buddy, I’m never helping you out again. Ask someone else. Okay, rant over. 


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