I don’t know what it is.

Why I do this to myself.

You would think that I love to get myself in trouble.

I don’t know, maybe I do

Because I am ALWAYS in trouble, I feel.

I can be good, I promise.

I went 20 years without ever being in serious trouble

But here I am, 21, and this is the SECOND time I’m getting in trouble for this issue.


Less than a year later.

Bye smartphone. That I pay for.

My mom is so good at making it seem like you’re earning some freedoms, I’ve had to pay for my phone since I got it, when I was 12. Making me feel like, I pay for it so what I do with it is none of your business, but then of course she pulls the ‘well you live in my house’ line and it’s like ‘well I don’t want to live in your house’

Can you tell we have this argument often?

Bye any sense of freedom, that I mistakenly thought I ever had.

I live in America, a free country, right?

The last time I was truly free was before my accident.

Now it’s like America is anything but free.

NSA always knows where you are.

They can see all of your online activity.

All of it.

Like hi NSA!

Basically, I have no privacy.

Not from the government or from my mom.

Please just get me out of here.

Someone please just get me out.

How desperate do you have to be in order for someone to be your knight in shining armor?

However desperate that is, I’m WAY passed that.

If you need me, I’ll be here. Where I’ll probably be for the rest of my fucking life.


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