My Life Is Average. I don’t want to talk about my accident anymore. That part of my life is over. So instead, I’m going to tell you about what I do now. This is where the average part comes into play because I  literally do nothing with my life, these days. Yes, I volunteer at my high school, but days like today, when I don’t go in, I don’t do anything. I got up at like 9:30 and I showered and finally washed my hair, after like five or six days lol, and then I went and ate, and now I’m back in my bed. Blogging about it. It’s now after 4. I do nothing with my life. Literally.  My mom and Bill don’t know what to do with me. PS, when I typed the “b” to say Bill, Siri thought I was going to say “boyfriend”. It’s like she’s taunting me, because a boyfriend is one of those things that would be nice, but it’s like that commercial with the grandpa with a dollar on a fishing pole, teasing the girl like, “Oh, you almost had it,” “Gotta be faster!” Let me tell you how my dating life goes, I find a guy that is really cool, and we go out one, maybe two times, then we kiss and he drops me off at my house and I never hear from him again. Every time. I’m sick of it. I need to be more selective about who I kiss. Because this crap is not working for me. My life is average. While you’re going to school, I’m just here. In the same place I’ve been for the last almost a year. With the same nothing going on in my life. It’s almost depressing. 


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