I’m back

Remember last summer when I was addicted to the Netflix original series “13 Reasons Why”? Well, it’s back. Season two-point-oh. I just watched episode one and despite the seriousness of the show, I’m not too impressed. Honestly, they could have left it at one season and that would’ve been fine. Hannah, the star, ends up […]


My most popular day/time for views is 3 am on Sunday morning. I’m sorry I don’t have more to tell you. Still dating Erik. Umm oh! Both my younger sisters are moving to Colorado with my dad. Along with my older sister but she doesn’t live with us anyways so what else is new? I’ll […]

Vegas Baby!

Erik and I are in Vegas. We needed a change of scenery. We leave in 15 hours and despite my best efforts, we’re still not married. We did, however, visit my grandpa that I hadn’t seen since 2011. Here we are, at breakfast this morning. I love him so much! He has a doctor’s appointment […]

Family History

So I’ve started to fill out my family tree and it is long, boring work but I just was told by my grandpa that my uncle did all of our history all the way back to the year 1000. That’s tons of names my friends can take to the temple. I’m excited to talk to […]


A wise man once said, “If you want to be a writer, you have to write every day.” This could either go 2 ways. 1: it’s been forever since I’ve written, so I’m out. 2: I’m just now learning about this so I still qualify. I realize that by continuing to write, I know what […]