Coulda, woulda, shoulda 5

There are a few different ways I could go with this. There’s a lot of things that could’ve happened, Vance could have not hung himself and we could have been the cutest couple. I could have died in 2012, or I could still be in my coma. Or even worser, I could be brain dead. […]


Prove you’re human.But aren’t we all animals? ‘We ain’t nothin but mammals.’ Why are we questioning my humanity, when really, we should be questioning yours. I know we live in the new world, the interweb era, but instead of asking me to prove myself, write a Kirsten for Dummies book, maybe we we should have the […]

Switch 6

I read the prompt for this “Trying on Hats” post and Nels kept on saying “SWITCH” and all I could think of was Will Smith’s song Switch that was on one of my NOW CDs when I was like ten and that was really how I got my interest/taste in music. I don’t really listen to […]

How to be Alone 2

I know I’m doing these out of order, with my own post ideas thrown into the mix, but that’s just how I do. Don’t judge me. It’s not like I’m going to care if you do anyways. Do you not like to be alone? If your answer is yes, you need to be more comfortable […]

Head and shoulders

YOU NEVER GET A SECOND CHANCE AT A FIRST IMPRESSION That was Head and Shoulders slogan. I don’t know if it still is But it was. And it’s so true Hopefully you find this a bitchin blog thing Hopefully I just grab your attention Here I go. Today I’m watching football practice Which I started […]