I’m supposed to write a poem about breakfast But what rhymes with breakfast? I could just end all my lines with breakfast Cause nothing rhymes with breakfast Do you know that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day? “Why?” you ask Because I have all sorts of delicious possibilities I could make eggs and […]

Stolen Poetry (take 2)

When you smile with your heart Things seem to start Doesn’t that seem better Like being all warm in a sweater On a very blustery day What am I writing about, anyway That’s a very good question. You’d think I’m just trying to get attention But you’d be mistaken I’m really just trying to make […]

Stolen Poetry

Another day, another dent in the heart. How true is that? Another day, another dent in the heart. Maybe I only think that’s true because I love extremely easily. Another day, another dent in the heart. I don’t know. Another day, another dent in the heart. My heart gets broken every day. Another day, another […]

my life is falling apart

As the summer is beginning, life as I knew it is falling apart. I think I’ve just been lost in this delusion they call “freedom” because now that I have none, there’s nothing more that I want. Freedom is the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. Let me show you how I’m imprisoned in this […]


My Life Is Average. I don’t want to talk about my accident anymore. That part of my life is over. So instead, I’m going to tell you about what I do now. This is where the average part comes into play because I  literally do nothing with my life, these days. Yes, I volunteer at […]


I don’t know what it is. Why I do this to myself. You would think that I love to get myself in trouble. I don’t know, maybe I do Because I am ALWAYS in trouble, I feel. I can be good, I promise. I went 20 years without ever being in serious trouble But here […]

How to be human (8)

I have no idea how normal people are human. So I’m just going to explain how I’m human. First things first, you gotta have a good attitude. Look at all the bullshit I’ve gone through and, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I think I’ve handled it pretty well. Crap happens to […]